Liquid Worldwide



Bobby Garabedian

Co-founder | Writer | Director

Bobby’s intuitive vision and process as an auteur sets the artistic bar for Liquid’s development and filmmaking. His devotion to write and direct transformative stories is his key focus.

elkin pix.jpg

Elkin Antoniou

Co-founder | Producer | Creative Activist

Elkin’s personal passion for storytelling and purpose to benefit humanity are the foundation upon which Liquid is built. As a creative producer Elkin works intimately on the development of Liquid stories. During production, she wears a Producer or Executive Producer hat to help ensure that Liquid standards of creativity, connection, and compassion are fulfilled. Elkin also oversees the creation of Liquid’s Campaigns, with a vision to build an organic and effective bridge between entertainment and humanity. 


Jenny Drew Garabedian

Chief Executive Officer | Creative Activist

A USC graduate, entrepreneur and third generation entertainment professional, Jenny Drew brings a broad range of experience to Liquid Worldwide. As CEO she works alongside both the creative and executive teams to ensure that each film and humanity campaign meets its fullest potential from development to distribution.


Bjorn Park

Head of Literary Acquisition & Education 

Bjorn is a student of history's literary giants. His extensive knowledge and ravenous appetite for literature, history and culture denominate him as an ideal professor impassioned to lead Liquid towards the classic, hidden stories that silently roar to be told. As a seasoned academic, he also offers insights into the educational arm of Liquid’s Humanity Campaigns.


Carrie Lloyd “Poppins”

Culture & Community Consultant 

Poppins is British and “practically perfect in every way”. As a professional writer, life coach, and spiritual advisor, Carrie serves Liquid as company consultant and coach, helping to keep Liquid thriving and growing as a culture of creativity, connection, and compassion.