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Liquid Entertainment

Liquid was founded on the experience and belief that entertainment is a powerful force, and the emotions & thoughts evoked through good storytelling should not be wasted, but immediately utilized to move audiences to take actions that benefit humanity personally, locally & globally.

With an emphasis on film development, we support the journey to find a deeper humanity and dedication to the storytelling process by celebrating a culture of creativity, connection, and compassion. 

Liquid Humanity

Activating audiences around humanitarian good. Many times LIQUID is able to find a key issue of humanity inside a story we develop. That issue is then brought to life and highlighted through a companion Humanity Campaign, purposed to immediately & creatively connect the audience’s entertainment experience with tangible, sustainable humanitarian good.  

Powered by corporate sponsorship and donations made through the certified 501c3, Artists for Community Transformation, each Humanity Campaign enthusiastically encourages: (1) Unifying & supporting charities that benefit a specific issue of humanity. (2) Activating & creating communities around a common good. And (3) sparking conversations that provoke cultural change.

What is the liquid culture?

CREATIVITY  Liquid believes that storytelling is sacred, and that the most transformative works of art are built on a foundation of grace, truth, and beauty. 

CONNECTION — Liquid is devoted to building genuine community. This includes nurturing healthy connection within the company, throughout all aspects of production, and with the audience. 

COMPASSION — Liquid cares about people. We love nurturing artists, audiences, and being creative activists for multiple issues of humanity.